Sunday, March 20, 2011

The iPad 2 requires competition to start from scratch

The iPad 2 requires competition to start from scratch ...

It is curious, really curious ... I know many will disagree, but the output of the iPad 2, for me, has swept all of a sudden all competing devices and there are many reasons I see to get to say this. One of them is very simple, competitors have been setting in the original iPad not have predicted it would take about a year to be ready to present your options.

But the advantage of IPAD 2 is not only in its hardware, but also in its software. Android, with Honeycomb is not yet prepared to stand up in the area of ​​the tablets. The base is there and it's good (yes, I love HoneyComb and there are certain characteristics that would like to take iOS) but the truth is that there are still many rough edges and fringe guys at Ars Technica make clear in his review of Motorola Xoom .

If we enter the realm of hardware, in the article by my colleague Miguel Michan this week, we can see that Apple with its review of the iPad has been able to stop in its infancy to the device which would be put against the ropes iPad double or quadruple graphics performance results is a clear example of this.

 But those are just too technical data that does not really concern the average user of such devices. Let's do an exercise in self-reflection and let's face it ... people just extremely "Geek" as some who swarm these blogs, you might want to get the graphics processor vectors to move more or less, or better manage their energy.

The user "walk" is interested in a device that is simple to use, since Apple ultimately designing the iPad really sought to bring the information to anyone who demands respect stand in front of a monitor and keyboard, there are many more than you think. We do not have to go to a higher age range to view as even in the vaunted "Nintendo generation" we can find a lot of people who feel uncomfortable and insecure in front of a computer. Know how to use, but does not include many of the basic concepts that drive.

Android HoneyComb has many shortcomings, which forced him to keep working to get something as polished as IOS. The integration of Gmail in HoneyComb is perfect, how could it be otherwise, but still redesigning the application to be displayed in a friendly on larger screen of a tablet, it has many bugs that need to be polished.

Another flaw is noticeable in the section of the audio player. Android makers have given a thorough facelift with a 3D interface that tries to go beyond what is already achieved with the implementation of Apple Coverflow. But failure is not there, the bug is in the philosophy of Android. Google thought of devices with little memory, but with the possibility of adding a MicroSD card to increase its capacity. Xoom in the opposite occurs, we have a lot of internal memory device but unable to introduce a card with which to store audio.

Motorola supplies this by using the MTP protocol, which allows the sharing of internal memory mounting a drive on the computer desktop allowing you to store music. This is perfectly fixed in Windows, but there is no program for Mac yet. With so many defects as we can get iTunes, precisely in this solves the ballot we dramatically.

In my opinion Apple has swept all of a sudden the whole competition has taken a year to get a response. We'll see who shows us the BlackBerry, which is perhaps the greatest freedom of action can be, but the others will have to start re-designed products that are an alternative. But it is not only compete, but to innovate because they do not forget that Apple is already designing the iPad 3.

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