Friday, March 18, 2011

How fast is the iPad 2 multitasking?

How fast is the iPad 2 multitasking? ...

I think we all became quite clear that the iPad 1 was a team with many limitations when it was updated and included iOS 4.2 multitasking as an option in the system.

From that moment the iPad, but it works relatively fast and well, lost some of the speed that he displayed at first. And is that the iPad 1 makes use of multitasking with the same resources, except for the processor, a team like the iPhone 3GS but with applications that take up a lot more memory because the size of your graphics.

So one of the tasks ahead of Apple for the next revision of the iPad was the operating speed of multitasking. Thanks to the video that accompanies this entry we discover that no longer is a pending task team and is more than clear improvement in this aspect.

As we can see that video, the new iPad is much more agile in an exchange between Apps and what is more interesting, that eliminates that annoying lag now has the "old " model every time you switch applications.

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