Saturday, March 12, 2011

A design of the iPhone 5?

A design of the iPhone 5? ...

iDealsChina claims to have developed a reconstruction of what will iPhone 5. The image shows is basically an iPhone 4 with the only difference is represented by a larger screen that appears to occupy all the available space horizontally on the iPhone. It fit with those of a frame previously appeared on the same site, although doubts remain about the authenticity of the news (and the same frame was shown to be false).

This design will be used to make plastics, aluminium and silicon for homes. We heard the rumor about a back rounded for iPhone5, but these pictures prove that iPhone has the same form factor of the iPhone 4, only with a larger screen.

Is there to trust? iDealsChina had correctly found the form of a fourth-generation iPod nano, but from here to have the certainty that this will be iPhone 5…


  1. Ultimate upgrade to Windows - FreeBSD.
    Ultimate upgrade to iPhone - Android.

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